A character creator based on Warframe, a game about pew pewing and slash slashing and also dressing up!  If you're here but somehow have never checked out the game, you can do so now, it's free!

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1. This character creator is currently a work in progress!  That means there's is content I want to put in that hasn't yet been put in.  There are a LOT of cosmetics and if I waited until I had completed everything no one would ever get to see it.

2. In Captura mode you can find an alphabet in the stuff from the menu tab.  This is a Tenno alphabet designed by DE.  You can find details about how it works here.   Write your own messages!

3. Since this is a work in progress there may be a lot of bugs.  (Almost certainly a lot of bugs).  If you find anything you want to report, let me know at my twitter.

All Warframe content is property of Digital Extremes.